o   Easy volume setting by simple turning the plunger.Does not snag Gloves
o   Click stop digital system for volume setting ensures no scales to align, so no unwanted volume alterations.
o   High accuracy and precision guaranteed.
o   Ergonomy,light weight and soft plunger movement provides comfort and minimizes hand fatigue.
o   Two step plunger operation allows "reverse pipetting technique" useful for pipetting certain liquid.
o   Tool kit provided as standard supply for in-house servicing and re-calibration.
o   Each pipette has its individual Serial Number and a Calibration Report is enclosed with.
o   Easy to calibrate and service.
o   Long service assured from Lasany Pipettes as the materials used in various parts offer durability and longlife.
o   Available in various colors.
o   Optimum piston-spring balance for soft plunger movement.