o  Five model with adjustable volumes:
    (a) 0.25-2.5ml (b)0.5-5ml (c)1-10ml(d)2.5-30ml(e)5-60ml
o  Easy to use, simple construction and good chemical compatibility.
o  Each instruments comes with three adapters to fit in most of the laboratory regent bottles.standard thread:30mm     Adapters:28mm,32mm, 36mm,40mm and 45mm
o  Smooth,effortless plunger movements.
o  Safety discharge system reduces the risk of accidental dispensing.
o  Nozzle cap prevents any unwanted drop on the work space.
o  Instruments are fully autoclavable at 121o c, 15psi, need for dis-assembling the instruments for autoclaving.
o  Easy to dis-assemble for cleaning and servicing.
o  In lab, user re-calibration is possible in compliance with GLO/ISO Norms.

Classic Models:

  Wetted parts are pp, borosilicate Glass and FEP. Suitable for routine laboratory application

Research Models:

   All wetted parts are PTFE , FEP and borosilicate glass only this can be used for all laboratory reagent application

Piston Polypropylene
Cylinder Glass
Hosting Polypropylene
Volume adjustment Locking rocker switch
Valve assembly Glass Ball& Seat
Discharge Assembly Teflon
Delivery Tube Polypropylene
Calibration Individually calibrated and certified
Accuracy & reproducibility In accordance with Iso 8655 standards
Compatibility Excellent- suitable for most regents except HF
Bottle Thread Size 30mm
Additional Adaptors 28mm, 32mm, 36mm, 40mm, and 45mm